Oppdatert: 11. juni 2019

Vår nye hovedtrener Henry Acres har vært i Narvik flere ganger allerede for å bli kjent med laget og byen. Han har satt i gang gruppen med et knalltøft treningsopplegg som skal sørge for at skal være godt trent i vår første sesong i Get-ligaen. Vi har spurt Henry om hans inntrykk så langt av laget, klubben og byen.

Wonderful energy and enthusiasm around hockey in Narvik! Everyone I have meet in and around the Narvik, Norwegian Hockey and sporting community is very excited and working to create the best season of hockey Narvik has seen yet. Taking this step up to GET-Ligaen requires us all to push outside our comfort zone and take our game to another level. The bar has been raised and we all must rise together to meet this exciting challenge. It is going to be a tremendous journey for us all to take part in and the continued support of our community and partners each day is going to be a driving force for us throughout the season. Narvik is an amazing place in the world. After spending many days there now I understand why so many guys that have come to play hockey in Narvik have taken up permanent residence! Beautiful nature, majestic mountains and loving the ocean air. It reminds me much of my home province, British Columbia and the Vancouver area in Canada, the traffic is a little lighter which only adds to the joy! As always the people are what makes a place. The excitement and interest in hockey today make Narvik the place to be. Looking forward to bringing my family up to experience the surrounding nature and your welcoming warmth and hospitality in July. Currently we are preparing and planning: players, coaches, management, everyone involved in Narvik ishockeyklubb on building our sporting and organizational base as strong as possible. The players are putting in the work daily to be ready to hit the ice at full speed, August 1. Representing the best of our community at the national level, accountable with the high standards we hold ourselves too as a club and sport. An exciting time not just for the hockey community but all in the community and surrounding areas. I look forward to welcoming you all to Nordkraft Arena and working together to create a great season today while strengthening the future of Narvik Hockey and Narvik community.

Henry Acres Head Coach - GET Ligaen

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